Cum Plus Strong
Good sperm, Powerful ejaculation
Innovative Cum Plus Strong capsules designed to:
  • improve the taste of semen
  • enhance the strength of ejaculation
  • improve the quality of intercourse
  • contribute to sexual vitality
  • stimulate the process of spermatogenesis
  • increase the strength and length of erection
  • accelerate the regeneration of the genitals after intercours
Cum Plus Strong is a preparation that increases pleasure during intercourse, extends the duration of an erection, changes the taste of semen and strong ejaculation.

As many as 83% of respondents would recommend the Cum Plus Strong dietary supplement to another man.

First results after 5-7 days of use.

Men confirm:
  • the taste of their seed has changed
  • the erection lasts longer, even by more than 15 minutes

Effectiveness Study Report - commissioned by "Medica-Group" - May 2018.

See the effectiveness study report
If you can stimulate your female partner to orgasm you can bring your lover sexual bliss. According to sexologists (and women!) the combination of proper technique, atmosphere, emotional bonding and a strong male erection is the way to a great erotic life. Enjoyable and successful sex life will cement and strengthen your relationship, and a perfect lover is one who ignites a fire and impetus passion.
Sperm, semen - fluid secretion, which consists of the products of the testes, seminal vesicles, epididymides, puerperal glands and prostate gland. It is ejected through the urethra during ejaculation. Semen is milky white color. Seminal fluid is slightly alkaline (pH 7,2),  and helps regulate sperm motility, in acidic environment sperm are immobile.

Chemical composition of sperm depends to a certain extent on nutrition.*

Ejaculation (eiaculatio – ejaculation) - Ejaculation of semen (sperm), the release of sperm cells and seminal plasma from the male reproductive system. Ejaculation is a physiological process heavily controlled by the autonomic nervous system. Semen is the liquid which is erected from the penis during ejaculation.

The mechanism that enables ejaculation is the rhythmic contraction of the corpora cavernosa, located in the penis, so that the sperm is ejected from the reproductive organ outside the body.*
The taste, smell, or consistency of sperm reflect the condition of your body, especially your lifestyle, diet, etc.  The conclusion is - the healthier you are, the "better" your semen is. A The better your semen is, the better oral sex you can expect - therefore, it is in your interest to make your sperm as tasty as possible.*

The good news is that you don't have to drastically change your habits to make oral sex more pleasurable for women.  You don’t need to spend a fortune to improve your health and well-being.*
What color is the sperm?
Healthy sperm is a whitish, milky color, and if it is sterile, it is yellowish and transparent.

Sperm structure
The sperm head contains a cap-like structure, which contains enzymes that help sperm to enter the egg.  The long axial filament is called the principal piece. The length of sperm is about 60 micrometers.

Best temperature for sperm
The testicles make sperm and to do this, the temperature of the testicles needs to be cooler than the inside of the body. This is why the scrotum is located outside the body. Elevated temperatures can reduce sperm count and quality.

Sperm motility
Sperm are very fast - in a second they can travel a distance equal to four times the length of their body. The world's best sprinters run at a speed about 36 km/hr. Sperm during ejaculation travel at an approximate speed of 45 km/hr.

Sperm lifespan
In warm climate, sperm can survive (outside the body) for about 18 hours.Their lifespan can increase threefold if you lower the temperature to 20 degrees. Inside the body, sperm prefer an alkaline environment (located in the cervix or uterine cavity, fallopian tubes). In the alkaline environment they can survive up to 48 hours. The acidic environment of the vagina is toxic to sperm. The sperm survive less than two ours in the vagina.

Types of sperm cells
The male body produces the same number of sperm with X and Y chromosomes. According to Dr. Francis Benendo, sperm with a Y chromosome are more mobile but shorter-lived. Sperm with X chromosomes move slower, but can survive longer in unfavorable environment.

Quality of male semen
Sexual abstinence can improve sperm quality, but only to a certain extent. Sperm quality deteriorates after 14 days of abstinence.
Semen analysis measures the quantity and quality of semen and sperm. Semen collection is not painful.
  • oligozoospermia - reduced sperm count in the ejaculate, i.e. a single dose of sperm during ejaculation (<20 million/ml)
  • asthenozoospermia - abnormal sperm motility (<50% of class A and B sperm or <25% of class A)
  • teratozoospermia - abnormal morphology of spermatozoa (<30% properly built)
  • azoospermia - lack of sperm in the ejaculate
  • hypospermia - lack of proper ejaculate volume, lower than 2.0 ml
  • aspermia - lack of semen with ejaculation
Whether a woman chooses to swallow sperm during oral sex is entirely up to her preferences. Some women like it, in others this activity arouses disgust. If a woman is unwilling to swallow sperm, she should not be forced to do so. The decisive factor is whether a woman is curious about the taste of sperm on her own, or whether she does it under pressure. If her only motive is the fear of rejection if she refuses, then it will certainly not enhance pleasure, and may even lead to trauma.
However, if the partner is healthy, takes care of hygiene and his diet, the taste of his sperm should not be rejecting. Men usually want women to swallow their semen because it makes them feel they accept them fully and creates a deep sense of intimacy within relationship.
Danish researchers sound the alarm: semen quality has declined by nearly 50 percent over the past 50 years. The number of spermatozoa (in one milliliter dropped from 113 to 66 million) confirms this thesis. Increasingly poorer quality of male semen is noticeable throughout Western Europe.

Semen production is not restricted by any limit. On the contrary, regular sexual activity directly proportional to the strength of the drive helps sustain male sexual and reproductive health.  Sexual activity stimulates testicles to produce sperm and testosterone.
Maca root extract
Maca root extract
Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is a plant native to the Peruvian Andes and grows at altitudes  of 3,500 meters. It is the highest grown food crop in the world. Maca grows in rocky soils inhospitable to most other plants and thrives in extreme climatic conditions. Maca grows leaves and root, about the size of a radish. The root is valued for for its properties - increasing energy, stamina and fertility in humans and animals. No doubt Maca root has made a productive life possible at very high altitudes for generations of people.
Arginine (Arg) - an organic compound from the group of amino acids encoded by DNA. The presence of a guanidinium group in the molecule is the reason for its basic character. In living organisms, it participates in nitrogen metabolism: nitrogen transfer in the urea Krebs cycle and creatinine synthesis.

Sometimes categorized as endogenous or exogenous amino acids. It's also classified as "relatively exogenous". The level of its biosynthesis depends on consuming sufficient amounts of its natural precursors - proline and glutamic acid[10].
Arginine naturally occurs in proteins of cell nuclei and germ cells (histones). It constitutes about 80% of protamine protein.
Mustard seed extract
Mustard seed extract
Mustard seed extract is used in Chinese and Indian medicine primarily as a tonic (strengthening) agent. The Indian system of medicine - Unani - recognizes mustard seeds as an aphrodisiac. In Western medicine, mustard seed extract is used in dietary supplements to increase potency and promote erection in men. The use of mustard seeds as an aphrodisiac began with a study conducted in the 1970s on infertile couples, the results showed an increase in testosterone and luteinizing hormone levels in men after using the herb.
  • Gelatine
  • Terrestial mace extract 20:1 90 mg
  • Sarsaparilla extract 4:1 80 mg
  • American ginseng root extract 4:1 80 mg
  • L-arginine 60 mg
  • Maca root extract 4:1 60 mg
  • Oat straw herb extract 10:1 40 mg
Filling agent: microcrystalline cellulose. 
Dosage and directions for use
1 capsule 2 times a day with a drink of water.
IMPORTANT - Do not take more than 2 capsules a day.

*Consult your doctor before using the Cum Plus Strong dietary supplement in diabetes. 
Each package of Cum Plus Strong contains 60 capsules i.e. 30 daily doses.
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* Effectiveness Study Report - commissioned by „Medica Group” May 2018.
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